Happy Birthday Refined Lighting!!

Refined Lighting on iPhone

It’s almost Refined Lighting’s first birthday online and it’s been a big year for the team at Refined Lighting MK with a new website and exclusive Franklite.Ltd Amazon store we have been very busy working with the team to grow their site into a busy part of the web. By adding features like the new lighting finder that lets site visitors narrow their search be refining search.

Shortly after the website went live we were asked to create and set up an Amazon store that fed stock from the main website this was a challenge but we delivered in little over three weeks. The Amazon store has continued to grow and has been well received by both Refined Lighting and there Amazon customers.
We moved the site to a new server to give the site more room to grow in the future. So, all in all, the last year has been a busy one for both us and Refined Lighting and going into the Christmas period we don’t see it slowing anytime soon.
Head over to the site or Amazon store and have a look at how we helped and see how we may be able to help your business.


Refined Lighting Amazon Store

Refined Lighting

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