We were approached by Refined Lighting to built a site that was an online reflection of there destination home lighting superstore.

The store is a real temple to lighting and the effect it can have on your home and garden. We worked with the team at Refined Lighting to bring there clean and modern showroom into the online space.

We used a clean back and white pallet in the same way an art gallery would to then there products do the talking and the site melt into the background.Ease of use was very high on the teams list as there customer base was a real mix of traditional shoppers and tech savvy users looking for the latest smart home lighting.

We also wanted the tone of the site to show that above all was customer service. So all the contact forms and customer interactions and to be simple, clear and to the friendly.

  • eCommerce Website
  • Full hosting and email server
  • Stock Control System
  • Label Printing system, postage and store product tickets.
  • Social Media integration
  • Facebook / Instagram shop
  • Amazon seller central inventory syncing
  • Amazon seller central Invoice creation and administration portal