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[pane title=”Website Development” start=open] We can work with you to build a website that gets your business noticed in the ever busy online space. Please look at our Portfolio page for some of our latest work.
[/pane] [pane title=”Site Management”] Not every business has its own in-house web team so we can help with a managed plan to update your site and make changes from changing some photos right to managing your entire site. Our plans have a monthly cost that is capped so no need to worry about spiralling costs.
[/pane] [pane title=”Organic SEO Improvement”] All our sites are built with SEO from the start we don’t see it as an add-on like some development firms. But if you want a little bit more optimization or you have an existing site please get in touch and we would be happy to look at how we can improve your visibility and get your site noticed.
[pane title=”Social Media Improvement”] Social media is a huge part of getting your brand and website noticed. Big search engines like Google and Bing use it as part of the way they rank their listings and to some people Facebook is the web so it makes good sense not to miss out but it’s important you do it right. Just like your site you can improve your social pages to give your business a better chance of getting to the targeted customers you want. When your ready you can then use pay per click and paid advertising but getting your pages in good heath before will help you get a better return on your advertising budget.
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