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Now, this is a story all about how... Yeah, I'm a 90's Kid

My love of technology and the web has been with me since the mid-90s. I've built websites since before "let's Google it" was a thing.

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Some of my Highlights

2010 Intranet Site

I created an intranet site for a PC & Mac recycling company. It was used by staff for processing orders and product control

2011 Record Shop

I built a website for a local independent record shop using osCommerce and built a custom MP3 sample plugin. I developed this and other websites for local businesses as a side project when studying.

2012 Wordpress

I built my first website using WordPress. Word had spread and I'm creating or developing almost full-time at this point.

2013 Ecommerce Site

Refined Lighting's first site goes live with over 10,000 products using Woocommerce. 
See the current site

2013 My Son Is Born

He loves technology and video games. Enjoys making video games using Scratch a block-based visual programming language developed by MIT and used in schools.

2014 Custom Mobile Case

I developed a website for a client selling custom mobile phone cases with artwork uploaded form site users. This was then automatically cropped and checked for size requirements rejecting orders not meeting the required specifications.

2014 More Lighting

I built another large lighting retailer's website. This system had thousands of product specifics that end customers could use to refine their search of over 12,000 products to find their perfect light.

2015 Landscaping SEO 

I had the opportunity to work with a local landscaper to boost their web presence. Already well-known by locals they wished to expand their online profile and expand from just the local area. Website made more Google friendly and offsite SEO used.

2017 Lights Camera Action

Worked with an independent photographer that had just purchased an existing studio to rebrand and launch on the web

2018 Amazon Exclusive 

Integrated Amazon's selling platform into the client's existing website. As the exclusive worldwide seller for a UK-based lighting manufacturer. This involved meetings with the client and the manufacturer to advise and see through to completion.

2018 Gift Voucher

Developed a photo gift voucher website for one of the largest photography studio brands in the UK. With a redemption system for checking vouchers against purchase history to prevent fraud.

2019 Photo Backdrop

I worked with the UK's premier photographic backdrop manufacturer to take their catalogue of products online and sell them worldwide. This included setting up POS integration for trade shows

2020 Covid 19

Many of my clients had to change the way their businesses operated and in turn their websites. This included curbside click and collect systems for website that had never needed or wanted it before. Visitor timed booking slots and moving there workforces to remote working. This was a hugely busy time for me but one I look back on with pride at what was acheved in such a short time scale

2021 Tiffany Lighting

As trends change I was asked to develop a dedicated Tiffany Lighting website for a client. This included mobile payment integration for Google Pay and Apple Pay to increase conversion rates

2022 School PTA

I was approached by the members of a school parent-teacher association to create an online hub for the fundraising efforts this was to include events calendars and take online donations and payments for events
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