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Banners for Announcements

I was asked to create multiple banners and images to mark the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Most were used to blackout websites as a mark of respect. Some were printed to be used in stores. 

Social Media Banner Collection

This collection of social media banners was specifically designed to promote the newly launched product collection of a photographic backdrop company on various social media platforms. The banners were created with the client's brand guidelines in mind, ensuring consistency and alignment with the company's overall image. Each banner features original photography provided by the client, […]

Photography Digital Voucher Site

I was asked to build a website selling digital vouchers for photographic gift experiences. I was given some examples from the client's competition and some very loose brand guidelines and a logo. From that, with the client's input, I built an e-commerce site built with WooCommerce as the basis for the system with a PDF […]

British Home Lighting E-Commerce Site

I was asked by an existing client to build a customized "online superstore" that could sell the client's entire portfolio of products totalling over 10,000 The client already had a memorable name and strong branding. I built the site with WooCommerce e-commerce plugin as the client's staff were already familiar with it. The client wanted […]

Refined Lighting E-Commerce Website

Over the years, Refined Lighting E-Commerce Website has undergone significant changes and improvements, resulting from the collaboration and work with their team. This collaboration has provided me with a better understanding of the frustrations that can arise when selling products online in large quantities. With this in mind, updates have been made to the Refined […]

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